Dear Colleagues

Photo by Sergey Fokin

In my position as the current General Secretary of the Federation of European Societies of Protistology (FEPS) ( ) and on  behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am very pleased to announce the VIII European Congress of Protistology (ECOP), hosted by the Italian Society of Protistology (SIPonlus; in Rome from July 28 to August 2, 2019.

Every four-years ECOP represents the cenacle of the European protistological community, organized by the European Federation of Protistological Societies (FEPS). Many European Societies are also affiliated to the international Society and, by the joining of the ISOP annual meeting, an increase in worldwide audience and participation is guaranteed.

The VIII ECOP will be organized for the second time as a joint meeting in partnership with the International Society of Protistologists (ISOP)  (

All topics of Protistology will be addressed in a comprehensive overview of the latest researches in compliance with the most recent and interesting environmental and health issues. The Congress will develop in Plenary Lectures, Symposia, Parallel Oral Sessions, Poster Sessions, and Workshops. Awards and student travel grants will be announced to promote the PhD Students and Young Post-doctors participation in all sessions. Protistology has an old tradition in Italy  so that the first FEPS meeting took place in S. Benedetto (Marche Region) in 2003 joined with the European Conference of Ciliate Biology.

The Congress will be held in Rome at the Congress Center Crowne Plaza St. Peter’s Hotel  Via Aurelia Antica 415,  ( that is a large single venue located near the St. Peter Basilica in Rome, not so far from the ancient center.

We hope to really offer you an exhaustive scientific update and a warm welcome in the wonderful Rome portrait. A very attractive touristic program will be also organized.

We are very pleased to invite all of you to take part to the VIII ECOP-ISOP joint meeting in Rome. We will do our best to make it an exciting and unforgettable experience!

Yours Sincerely

Maria Cristina Angelici
Chair of the VIII ECOP-ISOP joint meeting


“Updated September 26,  2019”