Call for papers

Participants are invited to submit their scientific work for presentation in the ECOP-ISOP 2019 Joint meeting. There will be different session-types.


Symposia and Workshops should include participants from several institutions and all the speakers are invited speakers. A Symposium or Workshop is one and half hours long and can host 3/4 speakers. Talks should be not less than 20 min long and organizers may be speakers too.

  • Symposium proposals – A symposium provides a broad synthesized updating on a relevance topic and a symposium proposals have to explicate the topic relevance. It is proposed by 1/2 organizers.  Details for proposals can be found here (“Symposium proposal“)
  • Workshop proposals – A workshop is a session, hosting a study group intended to a project presentation and updates or to expand a collaboration network.  if you are leader of a specific project or you are part of a study group, you can propose the organization of a Workshop (1.5 hour) to be scheduled in the Congress. Details for proposals can be found here (“Workshop proposal“)

Both Symposia and Workshops proposal should be submitted before January 31, 2019.

Oral Sessions

Oral contributions that are not part of a specific symposium will be allocated to a general session of oral presentations grouped together by topics. Authors that send an abstract have to specify his topic and if it is referred to an Oral Presentation or a Poster Session. Total time for a talk is 15 minutes, including time for  questions (speakers who over-run will be required to stop at 15 min)
Details for oral presentation can be found here (“Oral presentation”)

Poster Sessions

Two Poster Sessions will take place during the Congress. Details can be found in the Poster Session page (link). Authors that send an abstract have to specify if it is referred to a poster exposition.
Details for poster presentation can be found here (“Poster presentation”)

Abstract for any sessions have to be prepared according to the guidelines reported here

General rules

  • The same person can co-author more than one presentation;
  • The same person can take part to a more than one session (Symposium, Workshop, oral communication)
  • The speaker of each presentation have to contact chairs of own Session or stand by the poster during poster session(s);

If you have any questions, please contact