The International Society of Protistologists (ISOP) ( provides the following awards:

  • Hutner Achievement Award, to a Society member within 15 years of their PhD who has made outstanding contributions in some area(s) of protistology.
  • Holz-Conner Travel Award, to help students and young investigators attend the annual Society meeting. This award is reserved to ISoP members. Deadline:  9:00 am GMT, 22nd of April, 2019
  • Jahn-Bovee Presentation Award, to the student(s) who make the best presentation(s) at the annual Society meeting.

The Italian Sociey of Protistology ( provide the following award:

  • Nobili-Franceschi award to the students who have discussed the best Degree thesis in Protistology from September 2016 to May 2019. This award is reserved to students who are members of the Italian Society of Protistology (SIPonlus) or the tutor of whom at least a member. Deadline May 31, 2019. Participants have to send a thesis pdf copy to the SIPonlus President by e-mail message to

Ostreopsis ovata in vitro culture (Photo by Maria Cristina Angelici)